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Your Perfect Husband – 3 Physical Traits – Attraction Analysis

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Dear Gay Friends – 

This exercise will change how you look at the body of your lover(s). This exercise will also help you open up your range of possible lovers and clarify your physical attraction.

You will notice that physical attraction can be “adjusted” and that your range of arousal can be more flexible. See for yourself!

Here is how this works:

1. You imagine the naked body of your ideal lover.
2. You pick Three Core Traits of his body which are the baseline / foundational traits (lean vs stocky, hairy vs smooth, tall vs short).
3. You choose Three Bonus Traits (big arms, dark hair, facial hair).
4. You identify Three Deal Breakers in his appearance (taller, salivates when talking, skinny legs).

When you do the above, you will realize that the bonus traits are not required and you can still be happy sexually when your lover has 2 out of 3 core traits of his body.

Also, when you call out the deal breakers, you relax more about your personal preferences and you stop trying to create relationships with men who simply will never work out because they have those deal-breakers.

If you have the courage – post your answers below and share them with others 😉

Enjoy this exercise and for easy access to gay men and the methodology to connect with them, visit https://BigGayFamily.com

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