Why I stay at home during gay pride celebrations

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After 24 years of being gay, I have come to realize that the LGBT community and all of its celebrations do not promote a healthy lifestyle for gay men. I discovered that all of the LGBT celebrations have a social & political ideology that only serves the leaders of the LGBT community and for all the rest – it destroys their lives.

Just look around you at your fellow gay men – are they getting better, healthier and stronger in proportion to the growth of the LGBT power … or are they regressing? This is the beginning of your awakening – to see the disparity between what LGBT promotes versus what is really happening “in the streets of gay communities”.

Let me ask you this:

  • What are you celebrating when you go out into the streets during the pride parade?
  • Are you celebrating equality and diversity or are you witnessing a circus?
  • If equality and diversity are so good for gay men, then why are they mostly single, depressed and anxious?
  • If what the LGBT community promotes works so well, then why are our lives so messy in terms of relationships and love?

When you open your eyes to what is really happening during the pride parade you will quickly see that it is a display of the lowest common denominator coming out of the “LGBT” community.

The images and ideas promoted during the pride parade are not the ones that you can take home and make your life better, but ones that you should REJECT if you want to have a normal life and normal relationships.

Most gay men trivialize this observation – they claim that for most of their lives they had to hide and pretend to be straight and so now they deserve to have gay pride celebrations and “show it all off”.

And this is what gives birth to everything that is messy in gay life. Having to hide in the past does not mean that today gay men MUST show it all off. But this is what the LGBT leaders count on – they make gay men believe that they DESERVE all the crazy expression of nudity, sex, and pornography. In fact, this is what the LGBT community refers to when they say equality and diversity. And this is where the manipulation begins.

Most gay men are easily manipulated to follow political and social ideas that will never make their lives better. Those political and social ideas are only used to justify their denial and shame as it relates to sex, identity, and gender.

It is all a cluster fuck of psychological and philosophical pseudo-ideologies. I stopped going to LGBT events because none of the ideas that are promoted are ideas I could take home and actually use. They are all primitive, sexual and anti-life. Most of what you see during pride parades is detached from family values that just mere exposure to them results in anxieties, depression, and shame.

When you go out to the pride parade, check how you feel inside, notice your gut reaction to what you see and the truth will come to you. Hopefully, that will be enough to awaken you to not participate anymore and instead to understand the real nature of all LGBT events: primitivism, sexual arousal, reductionism to the lowest common denominator, absence of family values.

In one word – it is all a big and crazy circus.

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