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Video: Skin rashes and gaining weight is the price you pay for staying in a toxic gay relationship.

How your health reveals the quality of your gay relationship.

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Most gay men undervalue the impact of their relationships on their physical and emotional health and IT’S A HUGE MISTAKE.

Last time I was in a toxic relationship I developed a rash on my hand (eczema) and when I went to the dermatologist she said that it was unexplained how I got it and that there were limited treatments available.

And what happened next will surprise you:

Just a few weeks after I left the relationship and moved out the rash went away and my skin completely healed. How do I know that the stress and the drama of a toxic relationship was the reason for my skin rash?

Its simple!

The rash went on for 1 year and I have tried diets and creams and even fasting. Nothing has worked. Only when after I left the house in which we lived together – the rash disappeared.

For me, the weak area was my skin but for most people its their weight.  I have been physically active all my life to a level of extreme physical activity all the time compared to most people.  This is why the stress from the relationship did not impact my weight.

But for you – the first battleground to face when you are under stress caused by a toxic relationship is your relationship with food.  When things are bad with your love life – you will most likely enter into a closer relationship with food. This is also the case when you are single!

Why does it work this way?

Because you get a feeling of safety and security through food.  Something that you should be getting from your partner you are instead getting with cakes, chocolates and just plain overeating.

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So how do you eliminate weight gain and potential skin rashes as potential outcomes of toxic relationship?

The first step is knowing who to date and why. What does your perfect gay lover look like – physically and emotionally?  What about his friends, his parents, his socio-demographic information?  When you prepare a “template” for the ideal match – you will know what behavior to expect and what conflicts to prepare for.

Conflicts and certain drama is unavoidable in gay relationships but you can significantly reduce the negative impact of them on your emotional and physical health – including skin conditions and weight gain.

I recommend that every single person does compatibility analysis to find out who exactly is their perfect match and what conflicts and dramas to prepare for when entering into a relationship with that person. This takes away close to 80 percent of worries and uncertainty and makes you feel safe and secure.

When you feel safe and secure you don’t need food as substitutes and you don’t walk around in constant emotional turmoil that manifests itself in autoimmune diseases that “throw up” rashes on your skin.

Anyone who wants to fall in love the smart way can discover how to find his perfect match by following the simple steps as outlined in Paul’s compatibility program which is called “Gay Compatibility Formula”.  Anyone can access that program by clicking here: Gay Compatibility Formula.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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