Video: Common body image issues for gay men over 40 and how to overcome them (continued in the article below).

Don’t let your body stop you from meeting high quality men – discover ways to overcome irrational beliefs and fears.

How to overcome body image issues quickly

I have always been self-conscious about my teeth and my skinny body.  When I was in high school other guys were laughing at my smooth body implying I am a girl. 
All comments about one’s looks have negative effect, especially if they are expressed by the people we trust or the people we spend time with.

The first step in overcoming body image issues is to disconnect from the people who are triggers for your insecurities – that could even include a temporary break from interacting with your parents or close friends.  Why?  You cannot heal your wounds when you are bombarded by negative messages.

The second step would be to hire a coach or a counselor. Body image issues can originate in childhood experiences and healing from those experiences can require age regression during hypnotherapy or it can include heavy journaling under a guidance of a coach.

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The third step is a combination of simple cognitive behavioral therapy concepts – this includes positive affirmations, tracking of negative self-talk and a spiritual approach via meditation and the practice of acceptance.

Especially when it comes to penis sizes – I strongly recommend you stop watching porn.  The influence of pornography on your body-image has been proven to be highly toxic and comparing one’s penis to the penis of any porn actor can result in the buildup of insecurities and reduced ability to perform during sexual activities.

Love and relationships reside in the mind and in the emotional compatibility of two people. Too much brainwashing by the gay media and the magazines created an illusion that the path to love is through sex.

That is nonsense.  Don’t obsess over your body – do what you can to make it look healthy and practice physical activity.  The rest is up to your genes and body structure and may be out of your control – so go easy on yourself.

If you have an average body, you can stand apart from your “competition” for high-quality gay lovers by getting more competence about gay relationships. I highly recommend that you master the concept of compatibility so that you don’t waste time with the wrong partners and dates.

Once you find the compatible match – that’s when you need to put all your efforts together and ensure he sticks around and to do that you need some extra competence.   Check out my program on compatibility called “Gay Compatibility Formula”.

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