Stop The Emotional Bleeding From Grindr (Gay)

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In this video, you will learn how to stop the emotional bleeding related to meeting gay men on hookup apps such as Grindr, Scruff, and others. You will also understand the price you pay for using those services. Additionally, you will learn that there is more you can achieve, but not when you are in a cycle of trauma and fear.

I want to emphasize the impact of abandonment, judgment, criticism, rejection, and narcissism on trauma. These experiences can be extremely painful and contribute to long-lasting effects. Trauma is strongly linked to fear, which can lead to phobias or other forms of anxiety and prevent individuals from living a fulfilling life.

For gay men who have experienced years of trauma, their fear can become paralyzing, as society has stigmatized and discriminated against them. The use of hookup apps such as Grindr and Scruff can intensify this fear, as inconsistent and interrupted dating can elicit feelings of inadequacy and rejection.

These experiences can ultimately lead to a cycle of trauma, which can significantly impact mental and emotional well-being. The use of these services can result in emotional bleeding, causing further harm to one’s self-worth. It is crucial to acknowledge these feelings and establish healthy dating patterns.

The price individuals pay for using these services extends beyond the temporary companionship obtained, it can lead to loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, and long-standing fear.

In conclusion, this video aims to provide viewers insight into the impact of meeting gay men through hookup apps such as Grindr and Scruff and explain the reason why most gay men feel unworthy, damaged, and self-destructive.

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► About Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

After years of coaching gay men, Paul Angelo created Big Gay Family, a powerful solution to loneliness and relationship challenges. “It is not your fault that you are single. It is the fault of the dating platforms that enable abuse and turn gay men against each other.” –Paul Angelo

Paul’s expertise on the psychology of romantic relationships and gay sexuality has made him an established leader in this field. He has over 80 video testimonials and over 500 publicly available videos covering various topics related to gay psychology. Paul has created multiple video-based coaching programs about gay compatibility, gay psychology, and gay sexuality with the goal of helping gay men navigate the complexities of dating and relationships.

One of Paul’s significant contributions to the world of gay psychology is developing a new dating philosophy called CFC, aimed at simplifying dating and promoting monogamy. Paul created a new framework for gay sexuality, which emphasizes emotional connections for meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Paul is the creator of Big Gay Family, an innovative social platform for gay men. It is a game-changer for men who are seeking meaningful relationships where men prioritize emotional connections over fleeting hookups.

Big Gay Family is open to any gay man looking for sincere friendships and lasting love. With Big Gay Family, there’s no need to rely on swiping apps or dating websites that prioritize quick and meaningless interactions. As a gay man, you can enjoy an all-inclusive, accepting, and supportive community that understands your unique needs.

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