Should You Sacrifice Self-Love For Romantic Love?

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Every psychologist and gay relationship coach will agree that strong self-love is the foundation for a healthy social and personal life. Without self-love, our sense of being is incomplete.  Without strong self-love, we are always searching for validation from others.

This article will explain the difference between self-love and romantic love. You will discover why romantic love feels more intense than self-love.  You will also be introduced to the concept of projection in relationships.  More specifically, you will understand how projection is the main reason why we fall in love fast with the wrong kind of men at the cost of taking care of ourselves first.

The main difference between romantic love and self-love is that romantic love happens without any effort – it is automatic.  You can meet a guy who is attractive and instantly develop a strong attachment to him that makes no sense.

In contrast, self-love takes a lot of effort.  To love ourselves, we need to know ourselves first. Therefore, self-love takes lots of effort.  To know yourself you need to know your needs and desires. To know yourself you will need to understand the causes for your feelings.  All that takes a tremendous amount of effort.  Most gay men don’t know what they want in life and cannot identify the root origin for their feelings.  Men in general have reduced ability for self-introspection and this is why most men, as they begin their romantic life, choose toxic partners.

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