Say No To Grindr In 2022

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You have waited for a very long time for this. Today, after 40 years of the modern gay world, we are ready to announce a gay dating and relationship platform that guarantees relationships for everyone who has a heart and the ability to empathize with others.

In this video, you will learn about a strategic approach to gay dating.  So far, most of the ideas related to dating and relationships came from the world of psychology. But today, we are borrowing the best ideas from the business world and integrating them with gay dating so that it is impossible to fail for everyone, as long as you can empathize and are willing to open up your heart.

The first idea is the Theory Of Constraints that helps us organize the process of dating into stages and quickly see the weak link at each stage. This allows you to discover your weak link in the way you meet and connect the men and you will be able to correct it. Then, one by one you can address all weak links and make yourself love-ready and marriage-ready.

The second idea is about systems thinking. We take for granted the 1000’s years of the modern world that created our culture, communities, and families. We think that our relationships come through internal motivations. We forget that the world we live in today is the outcome of Judeo-Christian principles that created the culture which gave birth to the communities and the families where all relationships begin.

Relationships do not begin in empty containers. Just the opposite. If you want your relationships to last a lifetime, they need to exist inside the three social containers: culture, community, and family. Without those containers, a person is not able to produce behaviors that are congruent with the way humans connect. In the video, I give you an example of a date at a movie theater, where your data is simultaneously logged into Grindr looking to hook up after your date. To avoid that, both men have to come from the same culture, community, and family so that each man respects the other, focuses on the other, and is committed to the other.

The third idea is about best practices. They are repeatable frameworks that lead to success for most who use them. Commonly applied to businesses and industries, best practices can be included in dating and relationships. For example, when you first meet someone, for the first 30 days you avoid topics about sex, money, age, and politics. WIth this one Best Practice you can connect without the frustrations and conflicts that otherwise would come in and contaminate the connection process. With more and more best practices, everyone can transform the results of dating and relationships and achieve the goal of marriage and long-term commitment. In summary – today’s world no longer offers healthy dating. Everyone is exposed to too much trauma, narcissism, and abuse.

If you want to succeed in dating, you will need to walk away from the Read Ocean (the bloody ocean of dating) and go to the Blue Ocean (the new place) and meet gay men in a different way and with the use of new strategies and frameworks. We have all of that available with the latest edition of the Big Gay Family Social Program where over the past 10 years we have perfected the ideas discussed in this video.

If you are a single gay man and tired of the frustrations, come and meet our men inside the program and with the use of our tools create the best relationships of your life, including marriage.

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