Rebuilding Gay Society With Sufism, Stoicism And Objectivism.  Tools To Bring Back Trust & Open The Heart For Gay Men.

Why Big Gay Family Chose Sufism, Stoicism and Objectivism As Foundational Philosophies

Every strong community needs a philosophy for unity and guidance.  Without a philosophy, members cannot develop trust and relationships are only based on external factors.  To invite the most successful and intelligent men to the social program, we decided to offer an experience that enriches our member’s lives beyond their wildest dreams.  We want to offer a full life transformation.  This is why we combined three philosophies together into a powerful trinity that offers solutions and guidance to most of today’s challenges in gay relationships and also with careers, health and success.


Paul’s experience with the Sufi teachings started in Fort Lauderdale in 2010 when he met Ina Lee who became his mentor and meditation teacher.  After moving to Denver in 2016, Paul became involved in the Denver’s Sufi community, which involved regular Sufi Zikr Dances in Denver and Boulder.  Frequent participation during Sufi Zikrs and deeper immersion with the teachings of Inayat Khan gave Paul a depth of understanding about the true practice of love.  Detachment from the ego, acceptance of all men and the practice of allowing became part of the Big Gay Family Social Program, which gives gay men a fresh start in rebuilding their personal life without rejections, judgments and frustrations.

Every man has the power to attain all his goals, fall in love and be happy but to activate his potential he needs to enter the space of trust with other men.   Sufism opens your heart. Stoicism helps you develop your character.  Objectivism teaches you how to think.  Any man who empowers himself with these teachings has the opportunity to enter the space of trust with other men and benefit from the cooperation and innovation that it produces.

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"Big Gay Family is a perfect substitute to gay bars, online dating and short term relationships.  I have been looking for this type of service for years. Today, I am not on any websites, I don't meet men at bars and I no longer have to worry about friends and lovers. Big Gay Family gives me introductions every month and I can finally relax and focus on my career and business."

Steve from New York

"I joined Big Gay Family because I was tired of the games and rejections and disrespect from online dating and meeting shallow people.  Big Gay Family protects me from men who are not ready for a relationship and who are not mature enough for commitment.  I am very pleased with the services offered by Big Gay Family Social Program."

Jim from Miami

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