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Rebellion Against God (Gay)

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Your relationship with God is a personal relationship that does not have to be scripted with biblical verses and rigorous prayers. Religion and God do not have to be a place of conflict for gay men and instead be a place of transformation and empowerment.

Psychologically speaking, all religions are translations of psychological concepts via symbolism and spiritual practices/rituals. Instead of learning about psychology, people created symbols that represent them and offer reminders about how to be a good and loving person. Rebellion against God and religion is a reaction to forced practices and scriptures.

Nobody wants to be told what to believe and how to behave and this is the root of the rebellion against God by gay men. In reality, all religions and beliefs about God are voluntary and optional. Nobody has to be forced to believe anything so the real reason for the rebellion is the assumption that Catholic religions reject gay men and gay sexuality.

These assumptions are promoted by “scripted” religious translations that often are promoted by narcissistic and psychopathic religious leaders who have no understanding of the psychological abstractions that religious symbols are supposed to promote. Gay sex and gay life is not rejected by any religion, including Catholic religions.

It may be difficult for gay men to break through the anger about messages from narcissistic heterosexual priests and also gay men who have rebelled against God in defense of their sexual freedoms but all of it is confusion and corruption of the purpose of all religious practices. The main reason why God and religion exist is to offer human beings a connection to a higher power that is permanent and that cannot be taken by others.

Everything else in life is temporal – love, health, abundance – all are temporal states – they come and go, but the presence of God and the belief in God does not go away – it is permanent. This is why the idea of God and religion is so important – it cannot be taken away from you by governments and other people and that alone is the reason why God and religious beliefs are so important.

Those governments and those people who want to take God and religious beliefs away from people want to control them and disempower them and this is why in the LGBT culture the beliefs about God are suppressed and trivialized – so that all gays and lesbians are ultimately easily controlled and institutionalized.

Please watch the entire video to break through the controlling mechanisms of the LGBT community about God and religious beliefs and discover how to bring strength and empowerment to your life.

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