Psychedelics for gay couples – 10 years of therapy in one evening.

Take your life to the next level

Psychedelics are a miracle – something that fell off a UFO giving humans access to instant transformation of the mind, body and spirit.

Not having psychedelics experiences is like never having sex. 10 years of therapy is equivalent to one session of psychedelic mushrooms done in a safe way.

Every gay man should consider the use of psychedelics as a means to moving past shame, sexual addictions, relationship challenges and existential confusion.

For gay couples who have been together for awhile, psychedelics offer a journey into an ontological manifestation of their bonds – folding of the consciousness into the original structures of their love – the space of being. Instantly all of their conflicts get resolved and the source of their love is brought back to the surface.

This is a brief intro to this topic. I am not the expert on the subject, I am just a voyager of the mind, spirit and soul. Enjoy the video!



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