Leo + Taurus
Fire + Earth = Lava

The combination of Leo and Taurus is a slightly tricky affair. The Sun and Venus, your rulers, are not too comfortable together, but you are attracted to each other, and will want to explore that connection.

This immediate attraction has something to do with Leo being the bright shining star and Taurus being the sensual, earthy sign of love. There’s also a protective element associated with Leo. Lions provide for and nurture their clan. Taurus will be drawn to this — they will feel that you can give them the security and confidence they need.

Leo does tend to bring out the romantic and sexual side of Taurus, all in a rush. This may not last — it may not bring the emotional satisfaction that Taurus needs in the long term. Slow down a bit when you meet, so that passion doesn’t sweep both of you off your feet.

If you both take things one step at a time, and balance your crazy pleasure-seeking with some practical nurturing, this relationship could be a permanent one.

Socially you are both active; unfortunately, you could be constantly competing with each other for the attention of the world. Keep an eye on this, because while it is fun for a while, it could deteriorate into a battle of wills and egos.

The Taurean born between 20 April and 29 April is a seductive bull you may find very hard to resist. These slow-moving Taureans are very fixed in their opinions and their way of doing things, though, and you could soon get frustrated with this, and with their desire to change the way you think. Naturally, you’ll let them know this. The irony is that you’re probably just as inflexible as they are.

As far as relationships are concerned, this one may be destined for the short-term box. The passion could fizzle out faster than you expect. As far as a deeper friendship goes, the problem is similar: it will be hard, because it’s probably a short-term liaison.

Your best bet, especially where love is concerned, is with Taureans born between 30 April and 10 May, as they connect with your social interests. Interestingly, they also have a strong connection with your financial or business affairs — Mercury links them to your finances. In other words, you can enjoy love and your social life, and do well financially, in an association with these people.

You have some good opportunities with Taureans born between 11 May and 21 May. One thing you share is a need to protect those you love, and great loyalty. In terms of making a life together, and raising a family, these qualities will be a great asset — you should work very well together.