Leo + Pisces
Fire + Water = Steam

To develop an enduring relationship, two people’s emotions and general approach to life must match in some way. The combination of fire and water is not an easy one if you are looking for this. There are some quite big differences in style between you.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and reflects the most spiritual aspects of human nature. Pisceans aim for selflessness and idealism. Leos, however, are busy trying to show off and boost their ego, and are looking for both social and material gain.

These are extremely different perspectives, and the two of you will find it very hard to reconcile them. Respect and tolerance for each other’s very different attitudes would be a fine start to your relationship.

Leo, you can warm and ground that heaven-bent mind of Pisces, and ethereal Pisces will take great pleasure in giving you a leg up to see what Cloud 9 is really like. There’s a great deal that can be shared between you, so don’t dismiss this relationship immediately.

You’ll find yourself encouraging Pisces to achieve something worthwhile down on earth, in the practical world. You can really help build up their self-esteem, especially if they are the shy and retiring type.

They will be able to give you some not so obvious help — resources that will eventually become valuable for you in terms of professional and personal success.

A wise old man once said, ‘The good is not necessarily pleasant.’ In modern terms, this simply means, ‘No pain, no gain.’ This is a good motto for the Leo–Pisces combination. If you can get over the hurdles at the start, good things could come.

The emotional and sexual energy between the two of you is unusual, and things may not work easily there.

The most difficult Pisces for you is one born between 19 February and 28/29 February. There may be an immediate sexual connection between you, but the financial and practical parts of your life will not be compatible.

Those born between 1 March and 10 March are slightly more sensitive and responsive than others. You like this, because it means you won’t be left wondering what is going on in their head. A lot of Pisces spend a fair bit of time daydreaming and sometimes can’t clearly articulate where their minds are wandering to.

There are always exceptions to the rule, and if you choose a Pisces born between 11 March and 20 March you might find one — these Pisces have more fire than most. There is an element of Scorpio in their temperament, and this makes them very passionate and loving.