Leo + Leo
Fire + Fire = Explosion

If you get together with another Leo, you may for a while feel that you’re in control of the situation. Don’t be surprised later when your strength is matched by your star twin, who has just as powerful a need to shine as you.

You are ruled by the Sun, so joining forces with another Leo is like creating a binary star. The combination has two possible outcomes for you. One is a bright and vibrant relationship that will knock your socks off.

The other is a complete and utter blowout, caused by the build-up of heat between you. The question in this relationship is who will dominate who? You are both driven by a strong ego, and you are both proud and obstinate. The lesson here, of course, is about give and take. In this relationship, compromise will be the key to success.

A relationship between you would bring out one very key ingredient — your concern with how you look and how people take you. One of your most important driving forces is the need to be recognised for your efforts. As with Sean Penn and Madonna, a Leo–Leo combination that crashed and burned, you might both demand too much of each other’s attention.

If you can let some of this dominating and self-centred stuff go, another Leo will offer you a lot in the way of friendship, loyalty and support. Not only that, but you are very well suited to each other sexually — you both know how to add that dramatic touch that takes lovemaking to another level.

Leos born between 23 July and 4 August will be very very obstinate — possibly too difficult for you to get your head around. This is one of the most inflexible combinations in the zodiac. Learning to adjust to each other’s needs would be the major challenge of this partnership.

Leos born between 5 August and 14 August are a less dominant breed; they are expansive, honest and welcoming. You’ll have great love and friendship with them. They also have a strong sense of loyalty. You’ll feel very comfortable with that, because you value loyalty highly as well. This is not a bad combination.

Those born between 15 August and 23 August, co-ruled by Mars, will give you some feisty clashes, and some timely spiritual advice. This group is the most complex, but they are probably quite attractive to you. You may sometimes feel that these Leos are a little unstable and unpredictable. Their spontaneity will definitely excite you, but it will also concern you.