Leo + Gemini
Fire + Air = Hot Air

Any combination of air and fire creates a bright and lively relationship. This is the case with Leo and Gemini. Gemini is essentially an articulate and intellectual sign, and this will fan the flames of your fiery Leo pride.

You will find Gemini a most stimulating friend and companion — Gemini falls in your sector of friendship, so your social, intellectual and emotional needs will be satisfied by them.

You like to dominate a situation, so you sometimes come on a little strong. You and Gemini could end up trying to one-up each other in the attention-seeking department. If you can both respect each other’s need to be centre stage, the two of you will complement and satisfy one another.

The enthusiastic fire of your Leo heart will warm Gemini and let them know their skills and talents are appreciated. This is best seen socially, as both of you love company. You do tend to be a hard taskmaster occasionally, Leo, and can be inflexible in your opinions. Gemini is more adaptable and less likely to stick to one position just for the sake of it — but there will be a debate or two.

Gemini has a great capacity to take in and remember a pile of facts and figures, and will often surprise you with this. Unfortunately, you will also think that many Geminis are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Part of your challenge will be to anchor Gemini’s flighty character and help them focus on learning a lot about one topic, rather than a little about many.

Geminis born between 22 May and 1 June will work wonders for your business and financial profitability. You could become friends with these people: they are co-ruled by Mercury, which has a lot to do with your financial situation. Making money together will be something you do well together.

Geminis born between 2 June and 12 June are particularly attractive to you and will complement you in social situations. Long term, though, the way their work dominates their life may be too much for you.

Another issue in this combination is that Saturn, the co-ruling planet of this group of Geminis, is not particularly lucky for your health. These Geminis can be a brain drain and tire you out. They’re only good for you in small doses.

Geminis born between 13 June and 21 June could be good long-term marriage prospects, because Aquarius and Uranus co-rule them: they have determination and a sense of purpose. You will be attracted to them — you may meet them in the most amazing and unexpected circumstances.