Leo + Aries
Fire + Fire = Explosion

The element you share is extremely creative, and hints at a good union. The combination of Leo Fire with Aries Fire is an excellent one — you and Aries can look forward to many satisfying times.

You are both driven individuals, who have strong creative impulses and know how to support each other. This will help you both achieve your long-term goals.

Aries needs to realise that Leo is just as proud and dominating a sign as Aries. There will be no avoiding the who will rule the roost question in this relationship.

In the extreme, two fire signs combining can be explosive. One can eventually burn out the other — this usually happens if the competitiveness between the two of you gets out of control. But Leo is the fifth sign, which indicates playfulness and a sporting association between you. Try to keep it all in good fun.

Even if things are going very well, you’ll still have to sort out who is going to be the leader, or see if you can share the job. Neither of you is submissive, so this will be a challenge.

The fact that fire is a common element between you promises very good times, sexually and emotionally. This is definitely a great match in the bedroom. There’s a spark between you there — your connection is spontaneous, fresh and ever youthful.

If there’s any problem here, it’s most likely to be over-indulgence! Are you complaining, Leo? No way, and neither will Aries!

You’ll be fascinated by Aries born between 21 March and 30 March. They are ruled by Mars, and this implies a strong karmic association between you. You could have a chance to do a lot of long-distance traveling with them. This combination will be focused on exploration and fun.

Most Arians are compatible with Leo, but the most compatible are those born between 31 March and 10 April — this group has greater solar influences. You will be very drawn to these people and will develop strong friendships with them. Like good wine, these will mature with age.

Aries born between 11 April and 19 April are ruled by Jupiter as well as Mars. This suggests some very exciting romance between you. Of all the Aries you meet, this group will appeal to you most, sexually.

Entertainment, sports and other fun activities come naturally to both of you and will keep your relationship sparking. You are also attracted to the innate wisdom of these Aries, and because they are co-ruled by Jupiter, they can calm your fiery and inflexible side.