Leo + Aquarius
Fire + Air = Hot Air

They say that opposites attract. In astrology, when a star sign is the seventh or opposite sign of another (and Aquarius is your seventh sign), it’s a good omen for an enduring partnership — but only under certain conditions. A match between Leo and Aquarius could work well, or crash and burn; Aquarius’s quiet intellectual curiosity could work with or against your attention-seeking style.

Being a fire sign, you are spontaneous and emotional, outgoing and bubbly; Aquarians are cool and airy, aloof and detached. Aquarius could find your loudness and your love of the limelight over the top, and you could find Aquarius much too rational and distant.

However, the two of you are very similar on at least on one count. You’re both wilful and self-centred. Both of you have very firm views — you could fight over social, political and philosophical opinions. Try not to let the airiness of Aquarius ignite your rage.

There will have to be some adjusting and compromising on both sides of this combination, or it will just turn into a battlefield.

Some Leos are really conservative, surprisingly. Aquarius is the opposite: very progressive, and without much respect for the conventional approach. Here is another bone of contention. You might start to ask yourself — is there any value in this relationship? Yes, there is.

For one thing, you could be very attracted to each other. Marriage, or at least a serious relationship heading in that direction, will be a natural next step at some point after you meet.

If you are a Leo looking for a long-term friendship with an Aquarian, consider those born between 21 January and 30 January. They are extremely well suited to your temperament, notwithstanding some of the above differences between you.

Aquarians born from 31 January to 8 February will make good friends who are happy to share their insights and experiences with you. They are also good lovers, so they could be quite well suited to you as romantic partners.

Probably the best Aquarians for you are those born between 9 February and 19 February. They will be staunchly loyal supporters of anything you set out to do, and will not compete with your powerful ego. This is a very good match as far as Aquarius is concerned, too.