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How Grindr Destroys Gay Men

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The easiest way to understand Grindr’s influence at gay relationships is to look at a popular communication framework called NVC (Non-Violent Communication). This model was designed for healthy communication that takes into account 4 elements:

  • Observation.
  • Feelings in regards to the observation.
  • Needs that the person wants to meet.
  • Request to correct the situation to meet those needs and validate the feelings.

Those four parts take into account the human need for compassion, understanding and for acceptance. Without those parts, every conversation becomes an injury, a wound, a trauma.

Grindr and most online hookup apps and websites, including Match.com, okCupid do not provide a platform for a healthy communication. All conversations eventually lead to abandonment, dismissal, disrespect and often a trauma.

Continuous exposure on those platforms takes away a sense of wholeness and innocence from many gay men and often turns them into aggressive jerks. This is how many gay men who are compassionate and loving at the beginning become negative, angry and upset after just a few months of using Grindr, Scruff, Growlr or similar apps.

Staying away from Grindr and similar platforms is a must for anyone who is concerned about mental health and loving relationships.

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