How to avoid the “Get Rich Quick Scheme” in gay dating and finally get married to your Total 10 perfect match.

Quick Preview:

  • Gay dating and relationship success requires self-honesty.
  • Hope and optimism are not enough in your search for a lover.
  • How to succeed in gay dating and get married.
  • The 6 competencies ensure commitment and marriage.

Main Point:

Success in business and health requires life-long learning, effort and practice.  The same applies to gay dating and gay relationships.  Your job is to discover the parts that make gay dating successful and master them.  Anything but that is called “A Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I getting the result I want in my relationships?
  • Am I feeling alive and happy with the people around me?
  • Am I connecting deeper with the people I know?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions than you are probably running a “get rich quick scheme” in your love life.  This is how most gay men run into challenges.

Here is the good news: most gay dating frustrations and disappointments can be easily avoided with proper preparation and competence.

So what stands in the way for gay men to master gay dating and gay relationships?

I believe that the biggest problem are the assumptions that dating and relationships are exempt from learning, that dating competency should happen by osmosis and automatically with practice and that learning about love is only for women.  Those assumptions can be really dangerous because gay men receive very little guidance from family, friends and schools. Gay men are left on their own without any proven process for how “love works”.

Ask yourself the following questions about your childhood years:

  • Did my parents educate me about gay dating?
  • Did my friends discuss gay sex, gay dating with me?
  • Did my school teachers show consistent support for gay issues?
  • Did my extended family show support for me about gay life?

By now you should see why gay men receive very little support and guidance compared to straight people.  This is why gay men have more difficulties with dating and relationships.  This is why gay men will need to study dating, intimacy and sexuality a lot more than straight people.

How To Avoid Get Rich Quick Scheme In Running A Successful Online Business

Clarity about business models, shifting customer preferences and new technologies will not come to anyone automatically.  You will need to spend hours, days and weeks researching the market place, discovering who your customers are and promoting your offers.

To succeed in a business, a gay man needs to develop higher competencies in:

  • sales,
  • marketing
  • customer service
  • business planning

and continually learn and improve.  Dedication to consistent learning and improvement is required because the market place changes fast.

You will need to develop products and services and change them based on customer’s wants and needs.  To do that you need tracking systems, consistent attention and planning.

Running a “get rich quick scheme” in business is to assume that it will be easy, that you will succeed automatically just because you “want” SUCCESS, just because you “FEEL” it.

This is how most people fail.  Feelings and hope always lead to failure in business.

To succeed you will need to plan out strategically the skills you need to master, the competencies you need to build and then practice, practice, practice.

Anything but that is a “get rich quick scheme”.

How To Avoid Running A Get Rich Quick Scheme In Weight Loss

To lose weight and keep it off, a gay man needs to learn about nutrition, exercise physiology, new habit development, emotional eating, self-nurturing and self-love.  Sometimes a person might have food sensitivities, allergies and autoimmune disorders.  To pretend that those don’t exist and assume that the body is perfectly fine just because you feel no pain usually leads to failed attempts at restoring natural health and the person remains overweight for decades.

Many gay men remain overweight for decades by running “get rich quick schemes” in health by avoiding developing higher level competency in how the body works.   To develop long-term, sustainable, ideal health, a basic understanding of how the body works is required.

Examples of competencies you need to build would be:

  • how the digestive system works to reduce inflammation,
  • how to avoid eating emotionally,
  • how to detoxify and give your body rest,
  • how to reduce stress and reduce mental chaos,
  • how to build morning and evening rituals for health restoration,
  • how our friends influence our eating habits.

To look young and sexy, when you are over 40 years old, will take consistent effort and dedication to exercise, meditation, self-love and much more.  Wanting it, hoping for it will never work.

Those gay men who look young and sharp have consistent rituals for exercise, nutrition and rest.  Those gay men who struggle in health and who look tired are usually inconsistent and wishy-washy about keeping regular exercise and nutrition habits and getting lots of mental and physical rest.

How To Avoid Getting Rich Quick Scheme In Meeting Your Husband And Getting Married

Dating and relationships work the same way.  To meet your lover and get married you will need to learn the required skills and follow the proven process for meeting him, connecting to him and settling down with him.  A gay men will not be able to learn how to do that from friends and society.  He will need to take full responsibility for his own learning and practicing proven ideas, perspectives and steps. You will need to acquire this knowledge on your own, just like you’d need to do that with business and health.

Examples of required competencies are:

  • Gay compatibility and partner selection for marriage.
  • 4 Steps of relationship development.
  • The psychology of authenticity, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Psychology of gay sexuality.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • How to communicate with your lover.

Your success in gay dating and relationships depends on those skills.  If you don’t have those skills you are running a “get rich quick scheme” in your dating process.


At the end of the day, any area of life that is desirable will require lots of study, new habit development, new skill development and consistent and relentless practice.  Anything but that is called “A Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

In business and in health a “get rich quick scheme” is so easy to spot.  If a business lacks strategy, purpose and motivation, the business eventually goes bankrupt. This is how only 3% of businesses survive.  Who is at fault? Is it the business or the business owner?  Any rational person would say: the business owner.

In health, especially weight loss, a “get rich quick scheme” is also easy to spot.  If a person does not exercise regularly or eat mindfully, he eventually gets bigger.  Who is at fault? Is it the food industry or the exercise industry – or is it the person himself running a “get rich quick scheme”?

Both in business and in health, it is very easy to tell who is running the “get rich quick scheme”.  In love and relationships however, it is much more difficult.  Blame gets passed around from one person to the next, from every social group to another and eventually the government and the world.

The biggest challenges for gay men is to accept the fact that it will require knowledge and lots of practice to succeed in any area of life, including dating and relationships.  Success is any area of life requires effort, dedication and persistence.

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