Are you having a difficulty finding a high quality gay partner?  Looking for a high quality gay partner becomes easier when you look in the mirror and ask yourself – am I also high quality? Do I have the qualities that my high quality partner will be looking for?  The following questions will help any gay man over 40 who is looking for a high quality partner find ways to improve himself and then go out and meet his perfect match.  Gay matchmaker says that your blind spots are the real obstacles in your search for a high quality gay lover.  When uncovered, you can turn your entire dating life around.

For each question, please rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.


1) Are you fun to be around? Do other gay men think you are fun to be around?

2) Are you always improving yourself by reading books and going through self-help programs?

3) Do you meet at least 5 new people a month?

4) Do you smile at people naturally?

5) Do you make other people feel good?

6) Do you have a wicked sense of humor?

7) Do you have a strong direction in life?

8) Do you have goals and ambitions?

9) Are you a good active listener?

10) Are you a strong, reliable leader?

11) Are you in the top 20% of whatever you choose to do?

12) Are you dynamic and spontaneous?

13) Do you flirt casually without expecting anything in return?

14) Do you have exciting stories you can share with the people you meet?

15) Do you observe what makes people likable and model yourself after them?

16) Do you do a “retrospective” think about all the things you did right or wrong every day?

17) Do you always keep something in reserve so you’re not showing everything?

18) Do you inspire other people?

19) Are you send off a strong, confident, independent vibe?

20) Do you walk tall and stand up straight?


When you cannot see a problem or do not believe there is a problem, nothing can be addressed. You will continue to do what you have always done, and when your behavior is unproductive, your dates / friends will compensate by working around or avoiding you. When you are unwilling to acknowledge and address your blind spots, the “new gay boyfriend solution” or “abandonment” becomes the easiest and most obvious thing to do. Gay men become resigned when you are unwilling to take accountability for your blind spots. When you are rigid and inflexible, your dates adopt the belief that nothing can change and they leave.

If you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each of these 20 questions and come up with at least a 150, then you have few blind spots and are ready for a high quality partner. To expedite your search you should hire a gay matchmaker who can coach you on how to find your “Total 10” perfect match.