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How can you build your gay social empire and never be alone again?

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Gay social empire will make every gay man happy.  If you live in an environment where being gay can be open, authentic and transparent – creating a social empire – a social experience where you meet a lot of people and consistently stay in contact with them is easier than you think.  The biggest obstacle to creating your gay social empire is the feeling of separation and the feeling of judgment you have towards other gay men.

Creating a social empire – a social experience where you meet a lot of people and you consistently stay in contact with them is easier than you think.  The biggest obstacle to creating the gay social empire is the feeling of separation and the feelings of judgment we have towards other gay men.

The new and better way of looking at building a gay social empire is to recognize that gay men are extraordinary and that you cannot build a social empire unless you teach and program yourself to remember that people are inherently good.

Gay men are extraordinary – they have all kinds of very special things that can bring value to your life.

When we start with that baseline, everything else can happen a lot easier because you don’t project your own anger, your own insecurities onto them, you are no longer judging them.  Most importantly, you no longer give yourself permission to have that negative predisposition to meeting gay men.

So again, the first principle is:

You want to be optimistic, energetic, and positive about meeting other gay men no matter what your past experiences have been.

The second principle:

You have to identify places where you can go to on a regular basis and I mean every month without a break. Consistency is crucial.  When you are consistent, people will see you all the time, they know you will come back, and it’s just a matter of time until the people who initially did not respond to you will get to see you and respond to you in a positive way.

Initially, people are walking around with a defense system turned on. And it takes time to break through those defense systems, so the ideal way is for you to be consistent, to go regularly to the same events, to be upbeat and optimistic.

The missing link:

And what I see as the missing link in many efforts to create a social empire is the lack of automation and lack of what we call a funnel – a social funnel.

When you meet someone on day 1 and you exchange information, you don’t wait until you meet him next month 30 days after.   You should reach out a week from the first day, 2 weeks from the first day 3 weeks from the first time with offers for participation.

Now, obviously if someone refuses to participate after say 3, 4, 5 tries than you know this person is not fully engaged and you move on to the next person, but if you meet a lot of people, a big percentage of them will want to get engaged and so when you send those emails to them, when you call them, when you invite them to something interesting – they will eventually respond and that’s how you create a solid social empire.

If you are consistent the number of new people you meet every month gets bigger and bigger and then you connect those people to other people you have met before and let me tell you – your social empire can grow exponentially higher.

My personal experience:

In Miami I go to 3 events. The first one is the Coral Gaybles event first Wednesday every month. The second one is the Mega Mixer from the Miami Beach gay chamber of commerce and the third one is the Meetup groups that I created (Miami Gay Social).

There is also a 4th one in Fort Lauderdale called The Mack Mixer that I recommend everyone goes to.  I consistently go to those events and I meet 10-30 new people every month. Imagine that. I am not saying this to brag to you. I am just giving you example of how you can create a social empire, how you can grow your social circle.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter your profession, it doesn’t matter whether you are overweight or thin. There are all kinds of variety of people looking for a connection – looking to do something with somebody else.

But you must have a systematic approach to making it work for you. And of course, say, I meet 10 new people a month, that doesn’t mean that these people are going to be individuals I will connect with forever but it gives me a higher probability.

That is simple math. If you meet 10 new people a month that there will be 1 person with whom you can click for the rest of your life with whom you could have the possibility for best friend or a long term solid friendship or even a lover.

You can use your social empire building strategies to meet more people from which you can find someone to fall in love with.

So I hope that in this video I illustrated to you that it’s actually very easy to create a social empire if you are a gay man but you have be more strategic, you have to be more thoughtful about the process, look at it from the bigger perspective and also look at it with a microscope to see which part of the interaction causes you problems and which part of the interaction works.

And that is how you create your gay social empire and this is also part of the process  of gay life mastery that focuses on your social life. You have to have a social empire on which you build everything else.  You need support, you can’t succeed by yourself. You need the opinions of others. you need their presence. Every part of your growth happens in a social setting, in a social energy, in a mixture of conversations, interactions and togetherness.

So I hope this helps you and I am looking forward to sharing with you more in other videos and until then, go out there, think big, stay present and be a leader in your life.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Comment Below And Win Free Coaching & Video Training” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” css=”.vc_custom_1507264649418{padding-bottom: 10px !important;}”][vc_column_text][js-disqus][/vc_column_text][templatera id=”27334″][/vc_column][/vc_row]