Gay Renaissance Will Change The World!

The most wonderful aspect of gay life lies ahead.  Gay Renaissance is the reawakening of the emotional and the cognitive development after years of battles legalizing gay marriage and laying out the legal infrastructure for cultural revolution for gay men.

Once you can be who you want to be and once you learn how to be more authentic you can progress into the emotional and cognitive development – how to think and feel as a gay man – how to relate to another gay man in a way that builds a solid friendship and social empires and a long term monogamous committed gay relationships.

I believe that the way gay men can relate to one another and fall in love with one another – the way they can create social empires together can be so much stronger, so much more cohesive. So much more loving than any heterosexual couple or heterosexual group of people.

How? Because “you and I” know each other versus a man will never really “know” a woman or a woman will never really “know” a man.

As gay men we can reach a level of awareness of level of communication and relatedness that on a scale of zero to 10 is a total 10.

I believe that straight people are unlikely to reach that level due to the differences between genders and the developmental processes that take place differently in a man and for a woman.

So I really see no obstacles to an extraordinary and I mean extraordinary gay life, a social empire that is vibrant and supportive for all gay men world wide.

The new way of thinking and embracing gay life is recognizing the beauty of gay life and the extraordinary possibility for deep connection and relatedness – and the possibility that is beyond anything you have ever experienced.

And to do that you need to acquire some skills. You need to develop self mastery. You need to look at your gay dating strategies differently. You got to look at your social empire building differently. You need to learn how to talk to other gay men authentically.

The question i would like to ask you right now is :

Are you living an authentic, open and transparent life. If you aren’t, than your first step has to be writing down what are some of the first steps you can take to live more authentically. How can you choose better friends with whom you can be more authentic?

What are my passions, what is my vision, what are my goals and how can I give those things more attention. How do you fall in love with your own purpose, with your own true self – with your own state of authenticity, excellence and living on purpose.

So, I am looking forward to sharing with you more videos like these and until then – go out there, think big stay present and be a leader in your life today.

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