At times you go out on blind dates. The blind date can be quite a nightmare if your date finds your interests totally uninteresting.  If he is an introvert who likes to stay indoors and you are an outdoor person, chances are you will struggle and eventually call it quits.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a partner who shares the same interests as you. If you find such a person, you will hit it off instantly. If you both are adventure freaks, then dating will be lots of fun. You will never run out of fun date ideas and the sense of adventure will bring you closer together.

The Great Outdoors
There are hundreds of things to do and an equal number of places to visit if you are an outdoor person. Hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking are a few. First of all find a place near your city which is fit for hiking. Get in touch with agencies that plan and organize such trips. You can also check for online resources which will help you find the best place to start. Opt for an amateur trail, as you are not going there for the sake of adventure only. Help each other during the trail. Take a number of breaks during the trip as this will give you time to talk to each other. This way you will get to share your thoughts and you will get to know each other better . Such trips help in forming a long lasting relationship.  Tip: Do not forget to carry the right gear, a first aid kit and some drinks and food.

Rock Climbing
Remember Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Rock Climbing is not for the amateurs. If you and your date have never done it before then you should go to an indoor rock-climbing club, which attempts to mimic the real experience but in a more controlled environment. Guides and instructors will be available to help you. After you practice on this, you will be ready for the real thing. Lend each other support. After all, you want support when you are hanging a few feet off the ground by nothing else but a rope. This again is a great team building sport that brings you together as a team. This sense of teamwork will help you in coming closer and knowing each other better.  Tip: Never head for the real thing without getting proper rock climbing lessons.

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is not meant for the inexperienced. You and your date have to be sure that you want to try this out. This is biking in its most extreme form. You need the necessary equipment and right guidance before you set out on a trip. You will definitely enjoy this trip with your date. Opt for a  secluded place where you can have some privacy as well. There is nothing more relaxing than being in natural  surrounding.  Tip: Make sure that you know the trail well as you do not want to get lost. Also, inform the local security in charge about your bike trip.

If these are not adventurous enough for you, you can try paragliding, surfing and snorkeling. But you have to head off to the beach for that. A beach is a different dating idea all together.  Remember that men bond by doing, not talking so if you want to fall in love instantly – then get movin’