The Root Chakra: Fear

The Sacral Chakra: Feelings

The Solar Plexus: Proactivity

The Heart Chakra: Harmony

The Throat Chakra: Philosophy

The Third Eye Chakra: Wisdom

The Crown Chakra: Spirituality

This is a table of human development of the chakras. I did not invent this table, you can find it here (the original text is in Russian but you could put it into Google translator if you are not Russian speaking). The table was designed to gives a graphic illustration of the seven year cycle of human development according to the Vedic Treaties Chakravidya. The table shows the ideal progression of an individual, but of course, we should also take into account the specific characteristics of each individual in particular. However, the general principles are outlined as follows:

According to this philosophy, our life moves in 7 year cycles corresponding with each of the 7 chakra centers located in our light body. We have one dominant chakra for each cycle, corresponding to each row of the table. In the first 7 years of life (age 1-7) we are influenced by the root chakra, from ages 8-14; the sacral chakra, from 15-21; the solar plexus, and so on and so forth.

Within these 7 year cycles we also climb another 7-chakra ladder (corresponding to the top row of chakras on our table and the columns they represent) which takes us from The Root chakra to the Crown Chakra. These influences affect us (ideally) on a yearly basis. Every cycle begins with fear (the root chakra) and every cycle ends with spirituality (the crown chakra).

After completing a 7 year cycle, we enter the first stage of our second year cycle. This is our Crisis Year since the first year of a new cycle is under the influence of the Root Chakra: Fear.

Another noteworthy occasion is when we are under the influence of 2 of the same chakra centers – this is indicated by the gray boxes in the table. These are the years that that particular chakra is most dominant in your life.

Each chakra in this table is represented by these key themes associated with each energy center:

The Root Chakra: Fear

The Sacral Chakra: Feelings

The Solar Plexus: Proactivity

The Heart Chakra: Harmony

The Throat Chakra: Philosophy

The Third Eye Chakra: Wisdom

The Crown Chakra: Spirituality

Year 1-7 The Root Chakra: Fear

1 year (fear+fear): Survival. The one year old child is motivated by the root chakra in both dimensions. Since the root chakra is primarily the survival-instinct chakra, these little people are motivated by fear and their only goal at this age is to simply survive.

2 years (fear + feelings): By age 2,  feelings begin to emerge in the child. The child begins to have preferences about what they do and don’t want to do.

3 years (fear + proactivity): At age 3, the child begins his active study of the world. They begin to explore the world around them and questioning “what is this?”.

4 years (fear + harmony): Here, the child begins to find joy of communication with people around him. The child becomes more sociable. At age 4, the body of the child also becomes more stabilized.

5 years (fear + philosophy): By age 5, this little person begins his attempt to understand the world. This is also usually the beginning of education for the child.

6 years (fear + wisdom): At age 6, the child will for the first time will go through life-experiences and attempt to transfer their knowledge to others.

7 years (fear + spirituality): Here, this 7 year old experiences their first craving for the mysterious and the unknown nature of the world.

Years 8-14 The Sacral Chakra: Feelings

8 years (feelings + fear): At 8 years of age, the child is motivated by his feelings and by fear. He misunderstands his new desires that are awakening in him. At 8 years old, the hormone functions awaken fully within the body of the child.

9 years (feelings + feelings): At the age of 9, the child will usually experience their first crush, their first experience of love outside the parents. For the first time, their feelings will be out of control.

10 years (feelings + proactivity): The 10 year old, under the influence of both their feelings and their sense of proactivity – they tend to focus on their first attempts at establishing a relationship with the opposite sex.

11 years (feelings + harmony): The 11 year old, under the influence of their feelings and a motivation for harmony will tend to focus on experiencing friendships of different forms.

12 years (feelings + philosophy): At age 12, the child begins to understand the difference between the sexes. They also begin to take interest in studying the philosophy of friendship and love.

13 years (feelings + wisdom): At age 13, the new-teen develops their first stable understanding of loyalty, honesty, and morality.

14 years (feelings + spirituality): Here the teen begins to try to spiritualize their relationship with other people. They try to make it deeper and more meaningful in some way. They tend to write poems and other things like this to deepen their appreciation and understandings of the subtle nature of life.

Years 15-21 The Solar Plexus: Proactivity

15 years (proactivity+ fear): At 15, enters a period of proactivity in life – however at age 15, they are motivated primarily by fear. So, at this stage, the 15 year old usually begins to experience fears related to love, fear of the future, fear of moving away from home.

16 years (proactivity + feelings): Sweet 16. This is the time that this sweet 16 first engages in an active form of love, a relationship. This is the age that one is first able to find pleasure.

17 years (proactivity + proactivity): By 17, the teenager begins to fall deeply into a selfish love – it is a love that is based on the desire to enjoy another person and call it love.

18 years (proactivity + harmony): At 18, this young adult feels a desire to reach an understanding of everything. To understand people, relationships, happiness, life…

19 years (proactivity + philosophy): It is at 19 that we first begin philosophizing about love, and the idea of family life. At 19 we begin to develop an opinion on how we think these things “should be” in our life.

20 years (proactivity + wisdom): At 20, we are first given the opportunity to implement our philosophies into “real life”. It is the age of our first realizations about life and where it is going. It is at this time that one usually goes through their first separation or break up.

21 years (proactivity + spirituality): The 21 year old becomes conscious about their search for the spiritual side of their partner. They begin to desire a partner that can engage in co-spiritual-development with them.

Years 22-28 The Heart Chakra: Harmony

22 years (harmony+ fear): At age 22, one usually begins to experience either the fear of living together with their partner for the rest of their life, or the fear of being alone for the rest of their life.

23 years (harmony + feelings): At 23, a sense of respect for the feelings of others begins to emerge in this young adult. They begin to finally understand the needs of the people around them.

24 years (harmony + proactivity): At 24, an individual begins to take care of all aspects of their life and also their family members. Whereas when they were younger it seemed that they could only focus on one “area of life” at a time, by 24, may areas of life begin to harmonize slowly as they feel more motivated to take care of these areas too.

25 years (harmony + harmony): At 25, this individual experience their first true harmony of life. All areas of their life become stable, calm and peaceful. It is at this very time that this individual experiences their first depression or first boredom towards their life (because nothing is improving anymore – everything is stable and sill).

26 years (harmony + philosophy): At 26, this person begins to have serious thoughts about the meaning of life and their true purpose on this planet.

27 years (harmony + wisdom): By 27, the individual begins to establish their own philosophies and opinions on parenting – on how to be a parent, on how a mother or father should act, on how a child should be raised.

28 years (harmony + spirituality): At 28, the individual experiences a desire to educate children and to somehow leave their mark in this world.

Years 29-35 The Throat Chakra: Philosophy

29 years (philosophy+ fear): At 29 years of age, the individual begins to develop a fear about the future. They also begin to feel suspicious about their own stupidity.

30 years (philosophy + feelings): The 30 year old attempts to prove to themselves that they can be happy through their feelings – that they can achieve happiness through the harmony of your feelings.

31 years (philosophy + proactivity): The 31 year old attempts to justify their actions and activities in life. They try to find reasons for why they are doing all the things they are doing in their life, why these things are necessary. He begins to develop his reason.

32 years (philosophy + harmony): The 32 year old makes the first attempt to combine their life purpose with their work.

33 years (philosophy + philosophy): Under the influence of philosophy under both dimensions of the persons development, at 33, the philosopher is born.

34 years (philosophy + wisdom): At 34, the individual cultivates the ability to adapt to their workplace and home life. They learn to make the changes necessary to find happiness there.

35 years (philosophy + spirituality): At 35, the individual finds spiritual significance in his work and family life etc. They begin to reorient all different areas of their life under the eyes of spiritual development.

Years 36-42 The Third Eye Chakra: Wisdom

36 years (wisdom+ fear): The 36 year old begins to fear socializing too much other wise people – as they are afraid to lose balance in their life.

37 years (wisdom + feelings): At 37, the individual begins their first attempt of controlling their senses. They experience the joy of their first philosophical realizations.

38 years (wisdom + proactivity): At 38, the individual begins their active communication and association with other wise and spiritually developed people.

39 years (wisdom + harmony): The 39 year old finds themselves within the system of the sages.

40 years (wisdom + philosophy: At 40, the individual cultivates the ability to honestly prove their point of view to others.

41 years (wisdom + wisdom): Under the influence of wisdom in both dimensions of the individuals development, at 41, the Wise person is born.

42 years (wisdom + spirituality): At 42, the individual will come to the realization that wisdom eventually leads to spirituality and God.

Years 43-49 The Crown Chakra: Spirituality

43 years (spirituality+ fear): At 43, the individual experiences a fear of immersing their life completely to spirituality and God.

44 years (spirituality + feelings): At 44, the individual begins to find spiritual pleasure. They begin the process of spiritualization of their feelings.

45 years (spirituality + proactivity): At 45, the individual begins to mentally systematize and organize spirituality.

46 years (spirituality + harmony): The 46 year old begins to search for spiritual harmony and spiritual communication.

47 years (spirituality + philosophy): At 47, the individual begins to the understand the philosophy of spiritual development.

48 years (spirituality + wisdom): At 48, one first cultivates the ability to give spiritual advice.

49 years (spirituality + spirituality): At 49, this individual begins to teach and pass their knowledge of the highest spiritual ideals – such as selfless love and the love of God.

We can use this knowledge of these chakra-cycles to help us plan our lives more effectively. Once we are aware of upcoming energetic consciousness changes, we can be better prepared for it in the future!