Gay strategy videos to help you date more and start a relationship within less than 90 days.

Gay Monogamy 2023

Gay Monogamy 2023

Understanding monogamy is one of the quickest ways to protect your relationships from breakups. Understanding how sex and monogamy work together is necessary to maintain the long-term continuity of a gay relationship. Monogamy is important for anyone who seeks to get married, move in together, and live happily.

Delaying Sex Until Marriage (Gay)

Delaying Sex Until Marriage (Gay)

What will happen if you delay sex until marriage? What are the psychological benefits of delaying sex until you are married? This approach is contrary to the mainstream approach which prioritizes sex above all else (emotion, spirit, mind). Watch this podcast to see for yourself how the perspectives on sex shape your reality of meeting and connecting with gay men for relationships. Enjoy!

Absent Fathers Lost Sons

Absent Fathers Lost Sons (Gay)

Why is it so difficult to stay consistent with exercise, dating, and achievement? Why are so many gay men falling apart and struggling in their lives? Why are so many gay men addicted to sex, drugs, and self-hate? What is happening underneath the surface that creates long-term suffering, anxieties, and depression for gay men? Watch this podcast to learn. Enjoy!

Powerful Gay Dating Strategies Beyond Sex

Your dating strategy can be upgraded significantly. Learn how in this podcast. Dating through the heart offers the greatest opportunity for love and long-term relationships. So far, most gay men have focused on arousal-based dating, which is about sexual compatibility. Some gay men have tried the mental model for dating by having clarity about the criteria for lovers and looking for those gay men who match those criteria. But very few gay men have tried the heart strategy for dating.

Sexual Desires Vs. Feelings (Gay)

This podcast can be a beginning of a powerful sexual transformation for any gay man who is noticing the contradiction between sexual satisfaction and the feeling of guilt and shame after sex. We will explore the importance of feelings after sexual activity. You will discover how to build the bridge between your feelings and sexual desires. You will also understand the ramifications of suppressing negative feelings after sex and why volatile sex is becoming the norm in the gay culture.