Why Struggle Continues In Gay Relationships Despite Legal Marriage

To succeed in business or in gay relationships, a person needs a point of reference, a framework that he can follow to succeed.  Traditionally, this framework was supposed to be given to us by our parents and social support.  Unfortunately, most parents of gay men have no clue how to guide their children to succeed in gay relationships.  On top of that, most gay men have never met a successful gay couple, so they don’t have the experience of seeing, hearing and feeling the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that make gay relationships possible.

The Future Of Gay Masculinity

The future of gay masculinity is looking up to be a great surprise. Masculinity is not tribalism. Tattoos, style, consumerism and the sex culture do not reflect the true nature of masculinity. Masculinity is also not about being a vigilante. Violence and force are not expressions of masculinity. Watch the video to discover the new design for masculinity for the future of gay men.