Like In Life, Good Melody Has Pain

I recorded this video back in 2016 when I was sick.  I was living in Miami at that time and purchased a guitar from craigslist.  The great thing about music is that it teaches you about the different melody types – minor chords are all about sadness and major chords are all about happiness.  When you combine those together the melody comes out beautiful.  Check out the melody I am playing and you will see for yourself.   

5 Brave Ideas That Guarantee Relationship Success In 2019 For Gay Men!

Discover five brave ideas that will help you break through the dysfunctions of the modern gay culture and create the relationships you always wanted, including getting married. Are you getting your ideas about gay sex from total strangers or from places of love and concern about your well being? Are you using science to understand your relationships or are you relying on your feelings? Are you emotionally bleeding when you are using hookup and website apps and online dating and how do you stop that?