Sad & Closeted Gay 2021

Closeted gay men behave differently than 100% out gay men.  This difference is very important to understand so that you see the reasons why gay men are stuck in the world of devaluation, primitivism, and hyper-sexualization.   Discover how to break through the limitations of the gay culture and how to find gay men to connect with.

How To Win (Gay)

You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to feel pain and anxieties in your life.  Over the past 50 years especially, but throughout most of humanity, a small group of people ruled the masses.  To get our lives back and to bring power back to your life, we all need to enter into a new social infrastructure – a new way to govern ourselves.  This is the topic for this podcast. 

How To Be Powerful (Gay)

In today’s world, we need to stay empowered and strong. This is the 2nd video about success and empowerment for gay men. You will learn how to be strategic about your life so that you can succeed despite setbacks and temporary failures!

Rebuilding Action Potential (Gay)

Gay men have a hidden doorway to high-level empowerment. In this podcast, you will discover how to succeed faster, easier, and with certainty. You will learn about ideas that are guaranteed to give you a boost in power, strength and inner drive.

Why Emotions Matter ( Gay )

Emotions are not just for lovers. To develop intellectually, to discover your passions, and to connect yourself to your vision – you will need to embrace emotions as the guide. More complex psychological functions require emotion to function properly – your attraction, your purpose, your vision.