No More Fear (Gay)

When you are single, there is fear. When you are in love – fear goes away. Think about the last time you were close to someone. Did you feel the same about your life? Of course not. In this video, you will learn about a mastery-level perspective about how gay relationships come together.

Every Man's Trap (Gay)

Every Man’s Trap (Gay)

Most gay men live their whole lives jumping from one trap to another, especially with sex and choices of partners. Only those who have therapists and coaches can snap out of this trap. Watch this video to learn about this trap and about the biggest obstacle to personal growth and transformation for men.

Fastest Way To Fall In Love (Gay)

Welcome to Social Contracts – the fastest way to fall in love. Social Contracts are containers for intimacy, healing, and personal transformation. When you use Social Contracts, you connect faster, deeper, and you build lots and lots of trust together.

Sex Vs Love - Gay

Sex Vs. Love (Gay)

In this podcast, you will understand why it is so difficult to choose love over sex. You will understand the connection between emotional & sexual deprivation and the choices for lovers and you will understand why many gay men are so irrational about sex.

Social Engineering (Gay)

Learn how to become a Gay Social Engineer and create a plan for success in your relationships. This plan focuses on meeting gay men in a structured way. You will learn about how to co-create this structure and how to co-own it.

How To Be Strong (Gay)

Discover one of the best secrets to high performance in your life. Get your confidence back. Feel alive again. Become unstoppable! How? By structuring your day differently. Watch this podcast to learn more.