Going Beyond Sexual Arousal (Gay)

What happens when a gay man thinks about sex all the time? He eventually enters a state of mind called arousal. Arousal becomes his daily mental state through which he looks at every gay man around him. Even if someone was offering love, he cannot see it. He can only see flesh and sexuality.

Grindr, Sex & Poverty

Is there a link between lots of sex and poverty? Is there a link between Grindr & Poverty? Is Grindr turning gay men poor? What happens when gay men spend 100’s of hours searching for hookups and looking for sex with strangers?

How Sex Kills Gay Men Slowly

In this podcast, you will understand the 4 steps of self-destruction that starts with sex and slips into your life unnoticed. Overcoming this pattern is a sign of maturity and readiness for long-term relationships.

How To Have Gay Sex Correctly

In this video, you will learn about how to have gay sex properly with your lover. You will learn about the psychology of healthy gay sex and how to create experiences that bring intimacy, emotions, and sensuality together. This video is a deeper dive, consisting of 4 parts, guiding you step by step to understand the ingredients of healthy gay sex.

Sexual Narcissism (Gay)

Sexual Narcissism (Gay)

Friends – This is a quick introduction to sexual narcissism in the gay culture. Enclosed is a video by psychologist Dr. Grande and his analysis. You will never look at sex the same way. Enjoy!

Trauma In Gay Life

It is time to talk about the normalization of abuse across the gay culture on Grindr, virtually all hookup apps, and dating platforms. Why are gay men so judgmental and so cruel to each other? Why is abuse so common and why are we doing nothing about it? Why is BDSM normalized and why are words like “Queer” used despite their derogatory meaning?

Say No To Grindr In 2022

Say No To Grindr In 2022

You have waited for a very long time for this. Today, after 40 years of the modern gay world, we are ready to announce a gay dating and relationship platform that guarantees relationships for everyone who has a heart and the ability to empathize with others.