How To Date Like A Pro (Gay)

Discover the importance of tempo during dating. Without proper dating cadence, most relationships never happen and dating becomes frustrating and leads to disappointment. This video sheds light on the most important part of gay dating strategy and how to date successfully.

How To Enjoy Being Gay

Learn how to enjoy being gay in today’s world. Discover the methodology that ensures you can love being gay, create beautiful relationships and feel happy. You will also learn about the 3P framework that ensures healthy and long-term relationships. The right PEOPLE, the right PLACES, and the right dating PROCESS. Enjoy the video!

Stubbornness & Sexual Rebellion (Gay)

Have you noticed that gay men are strongly opinionated and quick to judge? Have you noticed that dating and relationships are more and more difficult for everyone? Isn’t it confusing to meet gay men and date them? Why are gay men so different from one another? These questions will be answered in this podcast.

Why Gay Matchmaking Always Fails

Discover the truth about gay matchmaking services. How they don’t work by turning relationships and sex into entertainment centers. Also, discover the approach that ALWAYS works with relationships in a modern and confusing gay world.

Going Beyond Sexual Arousal (Gay)

What happens when a gay man thinks about sex all the time? He eventually enters a state of mind called arousal. Arousal becomes his daily mental state through which he looks at every gay man around him. Even if someone was offering love, he cannot see it. He can only see flesh and sexuality.