Sexual Desires Vs. Feelings (Gay)

This podcast can be a beginning of a powerful sexual transformation for any gay man who is noticing the contradiction between sexual satisfaction and the feeling of guilt and shame after sex. We will explore the importance of feelings after sexual activity. You will discover how to build the bridge between your feelings and sexual desires. You will also understand the ramifications of suppressing negative feelings after sex and why volatile sex is becoming the norm in the gay culture.

Rebellion Against God (Gay)

Your relationship with God is a personal relationship that does not have to be scripted with biblical verses and rigorous prayers. Religion and God do not have to be a place of conflict for gay men and instead be a place of transformation and empowerment.

Sex Vs. Happiness (Gay)

Why are most gay men over 40 unhappy and lonely? Why is happiness so difficult to find amongst the gay c population? Is it possible that gay men are “doing it the wrong way”? Is it possible that gay men focus on the wrong approach to life? Discover the perspectives about sex and sexual compatibility that help you bring happiness to your life and help you align your sex life so that you can feel love, caring, and optimism.

Your Powerful Future Self (Gay)

Discover the most important personal development exercise for gay men. Learn how to deal with emotional negativity, panic attacks, depression, and anxieties. Become the man you always wanted to become and create relationships and friendships with gay men who are also committed to learning, growth and success.

Psychology Of Ghosting (Gay)

Psychology Of Ghosting (Gay)

Ghosting leads to trauma and emotional abuse. Most gay men under the age of 40 are afraid of human interaction and are socially awkward to a degree that they are afraid of human interaction. Exposing yourself to ghosting causes depression, anxieties, and mental health injury. Meeting gay men in places that protect you from ghosting should be your priority at this time.

Sex And Sugar (Gay)

Sex And Sugar (Gay)

This video explains the dynamics of prioritizing sex over emotional connections and communication. Also, you will learn how to think about sex so that you create the most beautiful gay relationship that can last a lifetime!

How To Date Like A Pro (Gay)

Discover the importance of tempo during dating. Without proper dating cadence, most relationships never happen and dating becomes frustrating and leads to disappointment. This video sheds light on the most important part of gay dating strategy and how to date successfully.