Why so many gay men take things personally.

I think that gay men take things personally because they are more sensitive. The sensitivity comes from the negative experiences of meeting and interacting with other gay men socially and inside romantic relationships.

Breakups, rejections, criticisms during interactions can deregulate any gay man emotionally, even the strongest one. Most gay men are “on guard”. We are more imbalanced emotionally than straight people. Whenever someone offers feedback, we often leash out on them, we get personal, we attack them or we shut down and internalize the comments. It all starts with connecting the criticism to our identity. This is called internalization. When someone makes negative comments, we assume that they are true and we “swallow” those comments like food even though they are not true.

Then, after a few days or weeks we become angry at ourselves for accepting those negative comments (as opposed to fighting back) and we transfer our anger onto the gay men around us. This is why many gay men are angry all the time. It is a toxic cycle.

Should Gay Men Date Bisexual Men For Commited Relationships

What are the challenges of dating a bisexual man? What if you are bisexual, what does that mean in the long-run? Can a bisexual man be ready for a commited relationship with a gay man? These are the questions I will answer in this week’s video.

Bisexuality is often the outcome of lack of supportive and loving experiences with gay men. Most bisexual men have not experienced a loving and caring gay relationship. This is why they seek women as the only legitimate partner to settle down with. A bisexual man is often confused about gay life and only looks at gay men as sex objects. In addition, strong family values and reminders about the need to get married to a woman and have children, makes gay life very difficult to accept for a bisexual man.

A commited relationship with a bisexual man is very risky because he doesn’t know what he wants. A bisexual man will mostly look at gay men as sources for sexual pleasure and look at women at sources for companionship and status.

MBA’s Guide To Gay Dating And Gay Relationships

How would an MBA graduate approach gay dating and relationships? Is there a PROVEN methodology that ensures success in gay dating, relationships and marriage? The answer is a big “YES”. We know that the men who are more proactive and thoughtful about their dating and relationships efforts, create longer and more meaningful relationships.

The relationships that come out of proactivity and strategy last longer than the relationships that started with good sex. If you have challenges with dating, perhaps all you need is a better strategy and a proactive mindset.

Are You Forgiving Too Soon And Moving On Too Fast?

Forgiveness and responsibility are the basics of “moving on” and are the foundation for lifelong learning. However, as a gay man over 40, when you forgive others too quickly, without assigning responsibility for their role in your conflict, you are bound to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Most problems with gay relationships and gay dating start with “moving on” too fast, without clarity about who was responsible for which part of the conflict. Without addressing responsibility, logical connections between events, individuals and their roles in the conflict are never made and the insights are hidden behind the clout of forgiveness. Those insights are never learned so that future conflicts can be prevented.

Gay men must remember that forgiveness is ONLY a spiritual process and not a tool of learning. To avoid repeating the same mistakes in gay dating and relationships, a gay man must connect the dots between situations, people and their roles, assign proper responsibility AND THEN forgive.

How to avoid the “get rich quick scheme” in gay dating and finally get married to your Total 10 perfect match.

Do you want a committed and monogamous gay relationships but face frustrations and rejections? Are you running a “get rich quick scheme” in your personal life?

Success in business and health depends on competence, knowledge and lots of practice. The same applies to gay dating and relationships. The more you learn about how to meet gay men, how to connect with them in a conversation, how to resolve conflict and how to understand emotions, the easier it is to create commitment, monogamy and longevity.

Discover how you can get back control of your dating and relationships by letting go of the “get rich quick scheme” mindset in your life.

Why Strong Gay Men After 40 Need More Nurturing And Self-Love To Overcome Gay Dating And Relationship Anxieties, Fears And Rejections

Gay dating for men over 40 can create disappointments and frustrations even for the strongest and smartest of men. Strong gay men over 40 can benefit more from self-nurturing than younger gay men because of the nature of masculinity which with age can create rigidity, crustiness and stubbornness as protection against rejections, anxieties and disappointments.

Nurturing for the smart and strong gay men is more important than acquiring knowledge and achieving goals because nurturing creates the happy and nonjudgmental attitude towards life and other gay men. The gay men who receive very little nurturing from parents and themselves, often end up bitter, judgmental and develop fears of intimacy with others.

This video and article will help you see if you have received enough nurturing in your life and how you can create more of it today and open your heart and mind to more dating and more love.

Myth of gay sexual compatibility in gay dating and relationships.

Sexual compatibility can take away opportunities to make new friends and develop long term relationships. In a world of top and bottom we never get the full package. “Perfect sex” usually comes at the cost of personality mismatch. A new perspective is helpful to make better choices for lovers and friends.

I believe that looking for sexual compatibility has nothing to do with sexual compatibility but it has everything to do with the desire to feel comfortable, validated and accepted. I think that the reason why gay men are looking for sexual compatibility is because they are looking to reduce uncertainty, abandonment and rejection when meeting others. Because sexual connection is the easiest to experience, given the time and effort involved, it kidnaps the process of connecting and gives an illusion of a connection.