How To Be A Gay Hero

Discover a new way of thinking about the gay culture. Give yourself and others the permission to rise above the challenges with an uplifting story about the possibilities of unity and togetherness. Create the space for the heroes who can help bring the community together. Remove the divisions and the categorizations and call on unity and togetherness.

Double Your Gay Dating Confidence

Double Your Confidence In Gay Dating

We lose belief in relationships when we lack the skills to make them work. Lack of skills often comes with the feeling of entitlement – which can create confusion and disappointment. This is why the process of believing in relationships begins with the development of skills. Based on 8 years of coaching and training, I have found that three core skills are necessary.

Art In Gay Life

Your relationship with art is one of the most important relationships you will have in your life – similar to the relationship with your lover and the relationship with God. Those gay men who have an ongoing relationship with art, often show emotional availability, self-awareness, and curiosity – traits that make personal relationships easier and longer.