Good In Bed Or In Life (gay)

One of the most important decisions of your life is to choose a lover who gives you stability, longevity, and love. If you seek marriage, focusing on the long-term lover is especially important. In this video, you will understand how sex comes into a stable relationship and how being “good in bed” is rarely a predictor of a long term and stable relationship.

Struggle & The Search For Meaning Inside Post Decadent Gay Society

Many challenges in the modern gay world can be traced back to cultural decadence. Commitment issues, dating difficulties, broken promises are the symptom of cultural regression that took away the social sophistication that kept the gay community together. Today, we no longer have the social sophistication embedded in the culture. Instead, we have a cultural regression that makes it impossible to sustain long term healthy relationships. Watch this video to find out how to avoid the regression and make your relationships work!