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Video Training Suite 2022

Learning about gay relationships offers the highest rate of return in terms of happiness, love, and abundance.  There is no other area of study that offers you so much in return as you get when you master relationships.

When you become more strategic and intentional about your love life, everything changes.  You meet better quality men, you connect with them easily and everything flows naturally, as you always expected.  Love, marriage, and family life are available for every gay man who dares to begin his journey of self-discovery.

What Paul's clients say:

What impressed me about Paul was that his level of thinking about gay psychology and gay relationships was a lot more sophisticated than I had given it credit. I didn’t realize that there were people like Paul who were thinking about gay issues in much more nuanced terms, much more sophisticated ways. I didn’t realize how much I had sort of written off the gay community and gay psychology.
I felt that for some years I have been spinning my wheels – not having a direction. These principles that I have learned were helpful in ways of helping me become more peaceful, more centered, more aware.
I found Paul very inspiring. He is an example that at whatever age, and from whatever country you are, you can succeed like he. That’s why I am in the coaching program with him. I learned how to motivate myself, how to challenge myself and to overcome every fear and every issue that I find in my life.
I was lost. I was not doing well socially, I wasn’t making friends I wasn’t meeting anyone very much. Luckily, I run into Paul one day. He was a big help. And now my life is a lot better because of it. I am much more social. I am getting along better in the gay world. I understand it now. Paul has been very helpful, and I am leading a much nicer life now.

Coming Out & Gay Life

I always looked at being gay as an intellectual adventure. I never hesitated to tell others that I was gay. I never pretended to be straight just to fit in. On the contrary – I was a gay rebel from the start – loving all things gay and advocating for gay rights.

When I was 22, I met a man who gave me the freedom to be myself, so I started with a positive and loving attitude towards gayness and gay life. My twenties were rich with lovers and men who were good for me and who helped me (parented me) while my mother and especially my father were absent.

Those years with Patrick, Tony, and Eric shaped my perspectives on what is possible with gay love and gay relationships. I had a preview of gay life that was optimistic, hopeful, and caring.

Toxic Family Dynamic

It took me many years to understand the dynamic of my family and how for many years I was living in cycles of guilt, shame, and fear from abandonment by narcissistic parents.

Since I was a young boy, I knew that my family was different. I first saw it during Christmas at the dinner table when my parents pretended everything was fine even though I heard them yelling at each other a few hours earlier.

Then I saw it in my father and his mood swings and silence treatments and attention-seeking by faking illnesses. I also witnessed my mother crying all the time and blaming my father for everything. Many years passed until I could see beyond my mother’s crying and see her pattern of manipulation.

Understanding my parents’ dysfunction led me to an important breakthrough. I finally understood the origin of my feelings of loneliness and alienation. It finally occurred to me that both of my parents were narcissistic and that their neglect and abandonment were causing my experience of disconnection through negative emotions.

This realization gave me the ability to heal properly and address the root cause of my emotional struggles.  Feelings of loneliness and depression started to dissolve.  The feeling of emptiness and expectations of someone else coming to rescue me also dissolved.   My personal relationships improved, my health improved and so did my life.

Moving To Colorado

My real life began at 40 when I moved to Colorado and experienced the mountains. I had no idea that climbing tall mountains would give me so much happiness and joy. The best part is that I can share that joy with others who often join me during the long hikes.

The best times with other men are times in nature, far away from the city and far away from distractions.  Moments of intimacy and personal connection are felt the strongest after hours of hiking and long times together.  This is why I love going into the mountains and enjoy a good company of a friend or a partner.

Mountains teach you discipline and order. Each time I go for a long hike, I need to prepare, study the trails, study the weather and commit to the plan. It is a good mental and physical exercise and it shows you that you can accomplish big things.

Each time I reach the top of a 14,000+ foot mountain I remind myself how strong and capable I can be. Nothing seems impossible after summiting a difficult mountain.

Big Gay Family 2022

Paul is the creator of the Big Gay Family Social Program where you get cutting-edge communication tools to help you quickly and easily connect with men for long-term relationships.  You get cut-and-paste frameworks so that you avoid common mistakes and so that your interactions lead to healthy and authentic relationships.

  • You Get Monthly Introductions
  • You Meet Men Without Rejections
  • You Avoid Years Of Toxic Relationships

Inside BGF, you meet gay men through a 4-Stage process:

  • The Bridge
  • Extensions
  • Social Contracts
  • Arrangements.

And now you can be part of a futuristic social experience that gives you access to menpathways to connect with them, and protection from the hookup culture.

To learn more, visit the website

Your New Adventure!

Discover better ways to meet men and build relationships.

Art & Magic

Everyone is an artist.  Every activity in your life can be an expression of your inner artist.  You decide every day!

To me, art offers the doorway to deeper meaning – often not available in the gay culture.  In November 2015, I spent an entire week visiting four museums in Boston – spending the entire day looking at paintings, sculptures, vases and ornaments.   I finally understood the necessity for art in our lives.  Art is the fuel to our soul.  Through art, we can communicate, inspire and transform.  Without art, we die inside!

Big Gay Family Social Program is an example of what happens when we mix art with socialization.  We end up inside a world of artistic self expression enhanced by the desire to build friendships and relationships.  If you love art, you will love the Big Gay Family.

Client Stories

Since 2010, Paul has worked with 1,000’s of gay men. Below are videos from a small number of Paul’s students who volunteered to go on camera and share their story.  Enjoy!