Okay – here is how you pick someone up at the grocery store:

Step 1: Send a signal. Once you identified the person, either smile or pass them and look at them and say hi. ( this signals that you are interested and open ). After that avoid any “starring” or checking out because this will intimidate the other person and awaken the ego-defense system.

Step 2: Repeat it. Try to pass the person in an isle again and then pretend you are looking to buy something they are looking at or pretend you purchased that item before and give recommendation. This one is basically to let the person know that step 1 was not random. As you are doing this, ask them if they are from around here and where they live and what they do. Then the most important step: find something in common and suggest an activity together. ( for me – soccer, basketball, meditation )

Step 3: Communicate interest and leave a contact information. This is very important. Tell them you are about to leave and before you leave give away your website or email. For this to work you must create a super easy email account. Example: Mike60640@usa.com. The email should be your name and zipcode for the city where you hang out. This way the other person will remember your email easily.

So good luck. This actually worked for me on many occasions. Let me know if it works for you.