Why Emotions Matter ( Gay )

Emotions are not just for lovers. To develop intellectually, to discover your passions, and to connect yourself to your vision – you will need to embrace emotions as the guide. More complex psychological functions require emotion to function properly – your attraction, your purpose, your vision.

Gay World 2025 Ep#1 – Parallel Gay World

In a parallel dimension, another gay world was preserved – a gay world without HIV and AIDS and where the past 40 years occurred differently than in this current world. In that other gay world, as early as 1984, gay men began experimenting with group consciousness and during group meditative practices, they witness the presence of the Group Gay Mind.

Gay 2.0 – Beyond The Self Evident

The gay culture needs meaning and depth to empower gay men to live in wholeness instead of fragmentation. Love and fulfillment can never come from sex. This video teaches you how to make the leap from the primitive into the sophisticated and create relationships that last forever.

Precautionary Principle (Gay)

Get big ideas that help you get stronger, empowered, and equipped to understand today’s crazy world. It took me a decade to understand the gay world and I wanted to give you a deeper dive into how to think intelligently about your life.