Rebuilding Gay Society With Sufism, Stoicism And Objectivism

Every man has the power to attain all his goals, fall in love and be happy but to activate his potential he needs to enter the space of trust with other men.   Sufism opens your heart. Stoicism helps you develop your character.  Objectivism teaches you how to think.  Any man who empowers himself with these teachings has the opportunity to enter the space of trust with other men and benefit from the cooperation and innovation that it produces.

Gay Spirituality: How To Connect To Divine Intervention For Gay Men

Connecting to divine intervention helps you overcome the most difficult situations in relationships, health and career.  Without spiritual intervention, most gay men feel lost and disconnected from inner wisdom, intuition and inner-direction.  Creating divine intervention awakens powers and abilities not available with conventional methods of performance, success and achievement. This video shows you how to revive divine intervention in your life as a gay man.

5 Stages Of Gay Life & How To Keep Lovers Forever

Don’t spend your whole life inside the first 2 stages of GAY LIFE! Go to the next stage of you life and build relationships that TAKE you there! The number one challenge for gay men today is the complexity of issues that come from lack of alignment between chronological age and psychological age. These issues show up in inappropriate choices for partners, overemphasis on sex and rejections of others because of status.