Why Strong Gay Men After 40 Need More Nurturing And Self-Love To Overcome Gay Dating And Relationship Anxieties, Fears And Rejections

Gay dating for men over 40 can create disappointments and frustrations even for the strongest and smartest of men. Strong gay men over 40 can benefit more from self-nurturing than younger gay men because of the nature of masculinity which with age can create rigidity, crustiness and stubbornness as protection against rejections, anxieties and disappointments.

Nurturing for the smart and strong gay men is more important than acquiring knowledge and achieving goals because nurturing creates the happy and nonjudgmental attitude towards life and other gay men. The gay men who receive very little nurturing from parents and themselves, often end up bitter, judgmental and develop fears of intimacy with others.

This video and article will help you see if you have received enough nurturing in your life and how you can create more of it today and open your heart and mind to more dating and more love.