Okay folks, this is serious. Sex is a very important, fundamental part of life. It is both healthy and green in many ways. How is it green? Who can deny the fact that a healthy individual treads a lighter carbon footprint by requiring a minimal amount of prescription drugs, less medical procedures, and has an all-around better attitude towards the environment and its inhabitants. So to help me get my point across, I am going to explain 14 glorious reasons why we should be doing a little less stressing, eating, and watching TV, and a whole lot more frolicking under the sheets!

1.Natural Stress Relief-
Stress is a leading cause of sickness, yet most people are practically bathing in it daily. Sickness leads to doctors, prescription medicines, countless miles spent driving/flying to specialists, none of which are particularly the most pleasant or good for the environment. This is especially important to take heed during the difficult economic situation we are facing at the moment. We need to take a break from all this stress and allow the body to unwind. Sex is one of the best ways to do this, and it is just not the act that is stress-free, but the wonderful afterglow which can sometimes last for hours!

2.Heart Health-
According to a study at Queens University in Belfast, men who practice sex at least three times a week can cut their risk of heart attack and stroke by a lean and mean 50 percent. That’s is a lot of men!

3.Better Spine Health-
The back and forth moviement gives spine exercise that lubricates the vertabre and loosens up the muscles in your back.  There is a reason why back and forth is the way to go…even those who never exercise will get some simply just by having sex.

4.Natural Cure for the Common Cold-
I bet you didn’t know that sex was actually a natural immunity booster for the common cold. Wilkes University in Pennsylvania has reported that having sex a minimum of once or twice a week can boost the immune system by up to 30 percent. Imagine what three or four times per week might do for you!

5.Healthiest Diet Plan You’ll Ever Start-
Today’s diet plans involve special dinners and drinks in wasteful packaging, over the counter pills, medical procedures… hold the phone folks! Just one 30-minute roll in the hay will burn off a minimum of 200 calories. Some positions can burn as much as 700 calories, it just depends on how wild of a monkey dance you want to get down with.

6.Simple, Clean Energy Booster-
Sex in the morning can often boost your energy level, but relationship expert, Scott Haltzman claims that the testosterone secreted in a man’s seed can actually be absorbed and give them even more of a pick-me-up. Now I am not forgetting about the importance of safe sex, but if you are in a safe relationship that will allow such practice, this is just one more reason to get freaky before you start each day.

7.Natural Mood Improvement-
Sex can improve on a bad mood almost as much as a handful of chocolates can. Perhaps this is one of our main attractions to the post-argument make-up romp. The tactile stimulation in sex and sensual massage has a way of easing all those tense nerves which can stay indefinitely unless you make a conscious effort to rid yourself of their devious nature.

8.Skip the Aspirin, Prescribe Sex Instead-
The simple act of sex can releases enough oxytocin in the body to reduce the necessity or frequent use of some prescribed pain relievers for arthritis, headaches, and even menstrual cramps. Please, can we do it tonight honey? I’ve got a headache!

9.Reduce Depression without the Drugs-
Depression and sex can be a catch 20/20 because depression causes a lack of a libido, which reduces the desire to have sex. But if a person can get past that mental block, sex has been shown to boost their entire outlook on life by making them feel better about themselves and the world around them. They just have to get past that initial blah factor and allow themselves to be open to the idea of sex again!

10.Better Communication with Your Partner-
I know… sometimes men can be a real bear to communicate with. We can’t sit still, we don’t know what to say. Well, throw him in the sack for a good romp, and I guarantee he will be more receptive to a heart-to-heart. Sex has a way of bringing a couple closer to each other not only physically, but also mentally. It can help drop those barriers which have been holding you back from expressing yourselves to each other.

11.Have Sex Now, so You Can Continue to Have it Later-
Just as the old saying goes, use it or lose it, the same goes for sex unfortunately. All the healthful and green benefits of sex we have discussed so far, are all dependent on you keeping your bodies testosterone production in good practice. It’s just like riding a bicycle, some say. Yeah, but have you ever got on a bicycle after not riding for several years. I bet it wasn’t quite the same experience!

12.A Better Nights Rest-
Sex releases endorphines, which enable the body to engage in a deeper more restful sleep. A long nights sleep has long been connected to better overall health. Are you beginning to see just how much sex and your overall health interconnect here?

13.Slows the Aging Process-
A healthy sex life may in fact help slow the aging process just enough to help us be less reliant on prescription drugs and other medical procedures later in life.

14.Reduce Disease of Sexual Organs-
Regular orgasms for men have been shown to reduce the chance of prostate cancer.

See… sex is good for you and for the environment too! So drop whatever you are doing and… But before you get up to that, take a brief moment to let us know what other green and healthful reasons I might be missing. Let’s see if we can get this list up to 50!

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