1. Happy Gay Men Have A Natural Zest for Life. There is a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for both the little things and the big things in life. They take every opportunity they can to notice what is great about every moment. They admire and appreciate sunsets, a beautiful sunny day, the calming sound of rain, and anything and everything else that goes on in the world around them. Although they may not notice every single beautiful event, it is part of their daily routine to notice and appreciate many of the great things going on around them throughout the day and they have an underlying sense of appreciation as they move through their day.

2. They Love and Appreciate The People Around Them. They love the people in their lives and experience great joy and pleasure from having them in their life. They appreciate all people, even the ones they may not know. They appreciate the stranger who offers a smile or who opens a door and they reciprocate with their own acts of kindness. They love their family and cherish their friendships. They even appreciate the challenging people because they know there are important lessons to be learned from the people who can and do push our buttons. They forgive everyone very easily, including themselves. They are free of guilt because they know life is about living and learning and even if they make mistakes from time to time, ultimately their heart is in the right place.

3. They Enjoy What they Do. They enjoy everything they do, even those things that may annoy other people. They have found a way to notice what is great about what they do and they are continually able to pour all of their passion and energy into whatever is right in front of them. They rarely have any resentment or any other negative feelings when they need to do something. They know how to maintain a positive perspective and transfer that positivity into everything.

4. They Know Who They Are. They have a deep sense of who they are even though they know they don’t have all the answers and there will always be things to learn. They are comfortable not knowing everything. Deep down they just know and can feel who they are and they trust in that underlying sense. They either have discovered their purpose in life or they have committed to learning more and more until they discover what it is.

5. They Continually Live at a High and Positive Energy Level. They always have a positive and peaceful wave of energy flowing through them. It is not that they are always excited, but t here is an underlying sense of peace and positivity and they know how to maintain their positive energy. They have figured out how to live a friction free life and never get caught up in needless debates or arguments with other people. They have mastered how to deal with challenging people and know that nothing is more important than maintaining their great peace of mind.

6. They Unplug and Unwind. They know when it is time to unplug from the world and tune into their great peace of mind. They have integrated things into their daily routine that allow them to unplug and unwind (i.e. yoga, jogging, meditation, watching movies, writing, blogging, enjoying silence etc.). They continually tune out from the craziness of the world and tap into their sense of peace.

7. They Have Confidence And Know Their Potential. They know they have amazing potential and can accomplish their goals and the things they desire. They are confident in their abilities and understand that if they set goals, clear away all limiting beliefs, and tap into their passion, they can do just about anything they want. They are not arrogant because they realize this amazing potential is within everyone, but they have unwavering confidence that they can achieve whatever they go after.

8. They Love to Give. Whether it is giving their time, money or kindness, they freely give what they can to other people and really enjoy being able to do so. They feel a deep sense of pleasure every time they are able to help anyone and they are constantly on the lookout for ways to give and to be generous.

9. They Know They are Deserving of The Great Things Life Offers. They know it is okay to have desires, goals and dreams and that there is nothing wrong with having great things in your life. Their desires and dreams come from deep within and serve as continual motivation to always do whatever they need to in order to accomplish their dreams.

10. They Let Go and Let Things Unfold. They are open and allow life to unfold just as it should. They have infinite patience when it comes to accomplishing things and know that everything proceeds by an orderly sequence of growth. They know life will have its ups and downs and they don’t second guess or question whatever comes their way because they have a deep sense of trust that everything happens just as it should. They are open to seeing things differently and realize there is usually much more going on than what we see on the surface.