Many states are almost bankrupt and the unemployment numbers are not showing any signs of quick turnaround.  What could possibly encourage people to spend more money? How about letting Gays get married?  Here are some benefits of letting gays marry:

Increased spending on:

  1. Wedding planning.
  2. Celebration events.
  3. Increased spending on flowers, jewelery, hotels ( for family members ).
  4. Increased retail spending on suits, tuxedos, clothes in general.
  5. Increased home sales ( Gays previously living in apartments moving in together and buying homes at current low prices ).
  6. More spending in general because two people live together and share expenses. Previously, the lack of security and stability prevented gays from spending too much on big ticket items. Now, that security and stability has returned, more money is spent on things that improve the relationship experience.
  7. More dining out: people in relationships eat out more often together.
  8. Entertaining at home increases spending on wine, food, furniture ( especially for gay men ).
  9. More kids being adopted – spending on lawyers, doctors.
  10. Increased emphasis on gay family setup – closer ties with local communities that encourage working together and sharing.

So, when you think about it – Gays can significantly improve the state of the economy by being able to marry.  Look at current states that allow marriages – have their economies benefited? Of course they have – and so can others. So let the love save the economy – lets get married and spend more ;)