How To Bring Courage To Gay Life To Make Marriage Possible

What is marriage? Why is it so important for many gay men? To me, gay marriage represents the ultimate goal – stability, happiness, and love. It is not just a relationship – it is a symbol of accomplishment in all areas of life. It is a reward for the effort, the struggle and the consistency of pursuing the right actions.

Courage is how we get there. Why? Because we need to break through the dysfunctional ways of meeting men and connecting with them. This has become an addiction for so many gay men. To end this addiction, we need courage and a new direction. This is what you will be asked to do in this video.

Here are a few journaling prompts to facilitate a deeper awareness about courage and marriage:

1. When I think of courage in my relationships, I feel?
2. When I think of gay marriage, I feel?
3. The difficult thing about being courageous in my relationships is?
4. What decision could I make that would demonstrate courage in my life?
5. Marriage to me means?

Please do those and see how you feel about bringing courage to your gay life and gay relationships.

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